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Time to sell? Maybe not today, or next week but at some point, you'll start thinking about your exit. When you do, it'll be comforting to have an experienced team to counsel you on the Right Time or Right Approach.
At MT Consulting, we offer a portfolio of services to address the unique needs of middle market business owners preparing to buy or sell a business.
You'll find that our principals personally get to know you, your business, your objectives...and expertly provide the insight, guidance and support critical to closing a deal on your terms.
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Mergers & Acquisitions / Business Broker Services

Count on us to help you...

Sell Your Business
Follow our lead - as we represent you from your decision to sell to completed transaction. We'll conduct a detailed operational assessment, financial analyses, and business valuation - uniquely package and confidentially present it to qualified buyer candidates or investors.
Our comprehensive service will maximize sale potential by leveraging proven expertise without disruption to your daily responsibilities. MT Consulting know-how will add significant value to the deal and exceed your expectations.
Find the Right Buyer
Guarantee a good fit - We'll strategically search for qualified buyer candidates evaluating them on business profile and financial resources.
Our upfront efforts will accelerate the time to transaction and minimize your outlay of time & energy.
Improve Your Operations
Leverage our knowledge base - Our in-depth review and business coaching will focus on ways to improve your operations.
A plan customized for you will enhance your negotiating position, business value, and increase cash flow.
Plan for Business Succession
Think ahead our thorough assessment and detailed action plan will be critical for owners preparing to take equity or sell within 0-5 years.
Optimize your financial terms & conditions, and profit from a focused roadmap.
Grow through Acquisition
Expand quickly with our buy-side services. We'll help you find and close deals supporting you with market research, candidate solicitation & financial analysis, purchase & sale agreement negotiation, and due diligence.
Our performance-based pricing will ensure commitment to your success.

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Business Development Services

Consider our expertise for...

Financial Business Models
Financial analysis will be conducted; optimal opportunities highlighted, and business model selection counsel provided.
Facilitates overall business growth; employs financial discipline.
Business Plan & Budget Analysis
Thorough review of key factors affecting business success will be summarized in an action plan.
Aids in securing financing; establishes solid path forward for new or existing businesses.
Strategic Plan Evaluation
Business strategies for start-ups, joint venture candidates or mature companies will be audited and recommendations to redirect finances, manpower or key strategies highlighted.
Leverages our knowledge and experience in identifying the best approach.
Business Valuation & Assessment
In-depth analyses will be conducted to determine fair market value and/or benchmark operational metrics against industry and market standards; recommendations for improvement outlined.
Helps business owners evaluate offers; enhances productivity and business value.
Business Restructuring Planning
Business plan and performance detail will be audited and a blueprint for success developed.
Enhances profitability, business value and a seller's negotiating position.

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