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MT Consulting is a full-service business broker, specializing in the sale of healthcare practices including Physical Therapy, Dermatology, Pediatric Therapy, Urgent Care, Physician Services, Orthotics & Prosthetics and Dentistry - with more than 300 sales transactions and counting. Benefit from our experience.

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Selling your business is a once in a lifetime event. Every dollar counts.

You have worked hard to build your business. Shouldn’t you be talking to the most successful, experienced sell-side business broker in the business? 

MT Consulting is recognized as one of the most experienced brokers in healthcare practice sales. We've done it longer and completed more transactions than most any other broker in our space.  MT Consulting worked for a decade as a buy-side mergers & acquisition specialist, buying hundreds of businesses for two major healthcare corporations.  

What our buy-side experience has taught us is of direct benefit to you. We know who the buyers are, we know what they think and we know the type of practice they want to acquire. 
You might be ready to sell, but is your practice?
Download our seller's preparation guide and let's get the conversation started.  
Download Our Seller's Preparation Guide
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Business Brokers Specializing in Healthcare Services Since 1992

MT Consulting concentrates on selling Physical Therapy, Dermatology, Pediatric Therapy, Urgent Care, Physician Services, Orthotics & Prosthetic and Dentistry practices.
We are a boutique shop by design. We specialize in healthcare practice verticals for a reason - we know them inside out from both sides of the table. Our track record transcends others. We have more experience than other business brokers in the healthcare practice space, resulting in more successful transactions and more happy sellers. 

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Typical Lifecycle of a Practice

Many sellers make the mistake of not preparing early enough to sell their business.  Even if exiting from your practice seems far in the future, MT Consulting can help ensure you are putting things in place today for smoother transition tomorrow.

First 5 Years

Grow & Build Foundation

5-10 Years

Grow and Solidify processes

10-15 Years

Grow and Create Efficiencies

15-20 Years

Grow and Begin Exit Planning
We know how the other side thinks
MT Consulting has been connecting buyers and sellers since 1992
Download Our Seller's Preparation Guide
Physical Therapy
Pediatric Therapy
Urgent Care
Physician Services
Orthotics & Prosthetic

We do more than talk about deals. 
We Close Them.

Shouldn’t you be talking to the most successful, experienced sell-side business broker in the business? Over the years, our team has evaluated, analyzed and advised over 1,000 privately owned businesses, completing more than 300 transactions in over 40 states.
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"MT Consulting did a great job marketing our company. Virtually every thing they said about the process came true. They supported us though times of trepidation, indecision, and seller’s remorse. We felt they really had our backs, that their valuation was favorable, and their arguments so convincing to the buyer that we were able to realize our asking price. Yes, we would use them again. 5 stars.
-Dr. Gaines Talbott
"The MT Consulting team helped create a win-win situation for us as the Seller and the Buyer of our business. We would unequivocally recommend MT Consulting to everyone looking to successfully sell their business on their own terms."
- Lisa & Steve Mackell
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