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Published: July 25, 2013

Cause for Celebration at ATI

Management and staff at ATI, the nationally-recognized provider of outpatient orthopedic rehabilitations, deserve HIGH- FIVES.  In 2013,  ATI has steadily acquired clinics in key mid-atlantic and midwest states: Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin.  In fact, over 20 clinics have been added under the ATI banner.  We're pleased... as our former client, MX Physical Therapy, was acquired in January and is part of ATI's growth to date.

Top 10 Healthcare Workplace
Kudos to the Bolingbrook, IL-based organization… for recognition as a Top 10 healthcare company based on results of the yearly WorkplaceDynamics survey.  The survey measures employee satisfaction, engagement, organizational health.  Overall, ATI was ranked #54 of the 872 companies (with 1000+ employees)  participating in the top workplaces programs.  >>Learn more

In the Spring, ATI was also recognized regionally as a top workplace in the Philadelphia and Indianapolis regions, respectively.

As a proud President and CEO, ATI's Dylan Bates noted:

“As we look to the future, and as our company continues to grow, we are even more determined to provide an environment in which our employees can enhance their skills, succeed in the field of their choice, and grow from the positive experience of having excellent outcomes for our patients,” 

Good Job ATI...

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