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Published: March 19, 2013

Patients Asked, ZoomCare Answered...

ZoomCare, a company that bridges the gap between ER and primary care physician visits took action based on patient input... adding physical therapy treatments in 2 of its Portland clinics. 

Zoomcare - Healthcare On Demand

Co-CEO Dr. Dave Sanders recounted that, "ZoomCare customers have been asking us for years to offer a PT service with all the convenience, quality and low cost features they love about ZoomCare everyday care....”.  He added “PT is a great fit for Portland's active, outdoor community."

Founded in 2006, the Portland-based urgent care chain has grown to 18 clinics in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. In addition to same-day scheduling, the clinics give patients a guaranteed visit time, issue no bills, have an on-site laboratory and pharmacy and charge the same price for all visits.

Source:  Portland Business Journal

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