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Published: September 13, 2017

Who's In...Who's Out?

It's September...the home stretch for baseball's 2017 regular season.  We'll soon know who's going into post-season play and who's out.

Regardless of whether a team exits the race early or advances to the World Series, all MLB GMs are tasked with addressing team needs to bolster playoff hopes or prep for the next season.  Their needs are generally unique.  Take the Phillies, for example.  This season they needed pitchers while the Mets needed players that stayed healthy.  And so it goes for all 32 teams...
The scenario reminds me of healthcare service platform companies.  Whether backed by private equity or publicly-owned, their management is generally focused on growing or gaining market share.  Take physical therapy - a sector we know well.  There are more than 20 PT platforms in the US, each with a unique seller profile, target geo or specialty and of course, budget.
For practice owners contemplating a sale, evaluating which platforms to approach can be overwhelming - and that's only a small part of the sales process.  As business brokers, our team touches all bases:  scouts the prospective buyers, manages due diligence, negotiates the contract and delivers the best deal for your business.
So, if you're interested in Selling...Call us (610-527-8400).  Let's hit one outta the ballpark together.

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