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Considering selling your practice but not sure where to start?

With over 300 successful transactions completed, we can show you where and how to start preparing for an exit for your healthcare practice that will bring top dollar.

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Specializing in Healthcare Practice Sales

MT Consulting professionals specialize in the sale of U.S. healthcare practices (e.g.: Physical Therapy, Dermatology, Pediatric Therapy, Urgent Care, Physician Services, Orthotics & Prosthetic and Dentistry) and business services companies with annual revenue of over $3 Million.

We Know How the Other Side Thinks

For the first 10 years of our 25 years, MT did nothing but mergers & acquisitions (buy-side) for several major healthcare corporations as their exclusive agent. MT made hundreds of acquisitions worth close to half a billion dollars. We know how the other side thinks because we were the other side. We also know who they are and who’s buying.

The Practice You Run VS the Practice You Sell

Drawing on our experience analyzing over 2,500 businesses, we work with you to make the necessary changes to get a sellable peak valuation.We know your practice could be sold for a much higher valuation from where its value is today. We know how to make the changes buyers look for and how to negotiate respectfully but firmly with buyers. The MT Valuation Analysis is our proprietary system we use to guide us through the sales preparation process to maximize buyers’ criteria.  

Buyers have certain criteria that they will pay more for and there are certain things that can drop your valuation too. We know what buyers look for and we can help you make the changes needed to get a sellable peak valuation.

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Experience Matters

Experience is a great teacher, it builds knowledge and wisdom. When you are inexperienced, you miss things, as you grow, you get better and learn more. 

With almost 30 years as a high level business broker including a decade working on the buy-side, we have unique insight into what a buyer is looking for and what their hot buttons are. We’ve heard it all and seen it all. 

We know who’s buying and what they are buying. We would love to introduce you.
"MT Consulting was instrumental in evaluating and packaging our business to create overall value. Their ability to keep us focused, prepare us for due diligence, and lead us through the process was critical for us to have a successful transaction.
This expertise resulted in a great deal and great relationships moving forward. They expertly created a confidential environment while managing the process, preparing us for buyer meetings and guiding us through due diligence. They listened to us, understood our concerns and allowed us to maintain control throughout the transaction."

– Lisa & Steve Mackell

Do you know how much your business could be worth?

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What MT Can Do for You

Sell Your Business

Our comprehensive & successful approach to a sale includes:

  • Detailed operational assessment
  • Financial analyses
  • Practice or business valuation
  • Seller’s profile development
  • Representation to qualified buyers or investors
  • Sales process management
  • Deal structure & negotiation expertise

Find the Right Buyer

We’re committed to identifying a good fit among buyers, sellers and their employees.

Our approach involves:

  • Identifying qualified buyer and/or investor candidates
  • Confirming the viability of interested parties to finalize a deal
  • Assessing & recommending the best buyer option

Improve Your Operations

Are your financials in order?  Is your healthcare practice or business appropriately staffed?

We’ll review and highlight operational areas where fine-tuning could enhance your business value and negotiating position.  Our review includes:

  • Staffing
  • Revenue
  • Compliance
  • Real Estate
  • Equipment

Develop an Exit Strategy

Even if selling is not top-of-mind, creating an action plan for a future exit should be.

Our plan and your focus on key milestones will better position your business when it’s time to take equity or sell.  The optimal time frame for strategy development is 3-5 years prior to a desired sale.  Our analysis provides:

  • Thorough Business Assessment
  • Detailed Action Plan

Value & Assess Your Business

Do you know what your business is worth?  A current valuation is a critical component of the sales process as well as a useful tool in securing loans, planning for retirement, evaluating net worth, calculating estate taxes, etc.  Our valuation & assessment will cover:

  • In-depth analysis of your business
  • Fair market value calculation
  • Operational benchmarks vs. peer businesses
  • Business recommendations

Other Business Broker Services

  • Financial Business Modeling
  • Business Plan & Budget Analysis 
  • Strategic Plan Evaluation 
  • Business Restructuring Planning 
Where Do I Start?
Learn what’s involved in selling your healthcare practice or business. We’ll guide you through the sales process. Let’s connect for a Free, No Obligation Consultation.
Download Our Seller's Preparation Guide


Advise. Negotiate. Close.

As your adviser, we will actively listen & learn about your business, your concerns, objectives, financial needs and expectations as they relate to a sale. We’ll guide and support you through the sales process…from decision to sell to a smooth closing experience. While we focus on business readiness and market opportunities, you’ll be free to focus on day-to-day operations and company performance. Our team diligently manages the details, monitors the deadlines and minimizes seller distractions.

We have negotiated and successfully closed over 300 deals. Most of our negotiating happens before the negotiating table. We know what buyers need to see. A successful Seller’s Profile package is a big part of the end game because our deal preparation is impeccable. Buyers appreciate that, making negotiating and straightforward through closing.

Buyers Seeking Practices In These Areas

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