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The MT Valuation Analysis

Valuations are a necessary part of selling your practice but seller beware, not all valuations are created equal. The MT Analysis is a proprietary system used to achieve peak valuation for your practice. 

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What is a Valuation?

A valuation is a business appraisal that estimates the value or price of your business. While not arbitrary, a valuation is biased one way or the other because it is not an exact mathematical formula. Ratios are studied taking into account financial information such as revenues, profits and EBITA. Your operations are also studied along with your financials to determine your valuation. There are certain accounting guidelines that are followed but at the end of the day a real-world valuation is what a buyer is willing to pay for your business.

The MT Valuation Analysis Difference

The MT Valuation Analysis is a proprietary system used to build your Seller’s Profile. It has been developed over decades from the study of over a thousand of our valuations.

The MT Valuation Analysis is a proprietary collective of valuation guidelines. It’s the ultimate Buyer’s Checklist based on our study of buyer patterns of acquisition behavior. Buying criteria can vary, from geographic market, to practice size, to what healthcare vertical you are in. We will map out and analyze all the variables to consider based on the inputs we get from you as we assess your practice or business. We then extract that information to build your Seller Profile.

Using Our Experience to Your Advantage

The MT Valuation Analysis is like a Buyer's Checklist, addressing all of a buyer's key criteria to get you the best deal.

The MT Valuation Analysis is a series of financial formulas and other operational and contractual checklists that have been derived over several decades. We started collecting data points and key indicators of what our buy-side clients were looking for when MT was working as the exclusive mergers & acquisitions arm for several medical companies. We built a database of this information that helped us buy better practices, based on understanding what our buy-side clients were looking for. On the sell-side, we turn the table and build in what we know they need to see as we advise you on what changes to make maximize your seller profile. 

Buyers are Interested in More Than Just Price

Buyers look at the entire package and it is our job to develop a holistic valuation to attract the best buyers for your practice.

The buyer’s interest is not just about purchase price. We found that, within reason, price was not always the main driver in the transaction. Buyers evaluate your business holistically; if something is amiss, they don’t buy. It’s our job to make sure everything is as they require and the MT Valuation Analysis helps us do just that.

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